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  • Benzocaine 50 - 200 Mesh Powder
Benzocaine 50 - 200 Mesh Powder

Benzocaine 50 - 200 Mesh Powder

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Mesh: 50 mesh and 200 emsh
Other name: 4-Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester;Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate;Benzocione;Ethyl p-aminobenzoate
CAS No.: 94-09-7
Assay: 99%
M.F.: C9H11NO2
M.W.: 165.19
Reference Standard: BP2002/USP28
Appearance: White crystalline powder

Usage: Local anesthetics, used for infiltration anesthesia, nerve block.

Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic commonly used in topical and in some surgical applications. The  anaesthetic properties of benzocaine work through blocking the sodium (NA+) channels of cell membranes. This means that membranes cannot transmit sensory messages to the neurons and hence numbs the local area it is applied to. Benzocaine powder is formally known as ethyl ester of p aminobenzoic acid (PABA). Esters are important compounds in organic chemistry and used in a wide range of synthetic reactions as well as applications within the medical and cosmetics industry. Benzocaine is most commonly produced through a Fischer Esterification reaction which turns carboxylic acid into an ester benzocaine. 

Benzocaine is a fat soluble surface anaesthetic. Compared with several other local anesthetics such as lidocaine, tetracaine, etc., the strength of effect is small. Owing to its playing role in mucosal, people feel comfort. It is a fat soluble and strong drug, therefore it is easy to combine with the lipid layer of the mucosa or skin, but not easily go through the human body to produce toxic.

Benzocaine is the precursor materials of Ousso imitation, Orthocaine, procaine. At the same time, it is used as a local anesthetic in medicine, and has analgesic, antipruritic effect, mainly used for wounds, ulcers, mucosal surfaces and hemorrhoids narcotic pain and itch. The ointment can also be used for relieving pain and lubrication to nasopharyngeal catheter and the process of PEEP mirror. Temporary relieve pain and itching skin in the wounds of mild burns, sunburn, trauma and insect bites. Ears are used to reduce the pain and itching of acute congestive, concentrated otitis, swimming, and external use. Also it is effective to toothache, sore throat, oral ulcers, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, vulva Sao. As Male Genital Desensitizer make ejaculation slow. Or used as a lubricant for the anesthesia of the catheter and the endoscope.


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